The Performance Plus Tennis System is the most unique and comprehensive tennis skills development and training program available. Players of all skill levels, from beginner to open level players will benefit from the Performance Plus System, as the real keys to developing tennis technique are revealed and taught like no other program! The Performance Plus program is uniquely organized into progressive lessons that will build your foundation – the fundamental principles that you must master to achieve your potential in tennis!

Each video lesson in our comprehensive system includes drills and exercises to quickly develop the principles of the lesson. Here you will learn the techniques (never before shown) that I used to become a college player in less than three years after dedicating myself to tennis, and then a Division I College player in less than 5 years!

The Performance Plus System is loaded with dozens of instructional concepts, practice drills and information never before presented in any on-line program.

The Same Principles Apply to Every Stroke!

The Performance Plus System presents and develops the same 5 principles for every shot…yes, every shot! In all other instructional programs, the strokes are taught to be unique and are often presented as unrelated. The result is the student feels like they have to learn a completely new set of skills for each shot. The Performance Plus System uses the same principles to develop every stroke in the complete game. The result is a simple, sensible and easy skills development program that anyone can learn.

Benefit from Other Programs / Lessons: There is not one on-line program that can make this claim!

Once you have the Performance Plus Foundation built into your game, you can actually benefit from many of the lessons and tips presented on YouTube and by other on-line coaches and even your local teaching pro. The Performance Plus System builds the architecture of your game, much like the framework of a building. Once you have your framework properly built, you can improvise, expand and develop new skills and allow your own individual style to flourish!

Optical Illusion?
The movements of tennis appear so complex, it is difficult to see the key movements that are truly essential to developing the correct skills. The Performance Plus System will explain and teach you the key principles in a truly unique and logical order. The end result is that every Performance Plus student sees and learns how the game is really played!

Performance Plus Foundation Program / Key Principles:

Each movement and stroke in the program is creatively developed using the Performance Plus System skills program:

  1. Grips: Proper grips are essential, as no other technical component influences the stroke technique and contact points more than how you hold the racket. Performance Plus not only reviews and recommends the widely recognized and common grips, but teaches you in detail “how” to hold and feel the racket within each grip, not just where to place the hand on the racket! You will be holding and feeling the racket just like the pros from the start!
  2. Movement and balance: Here at Performance Plus, we believe that great strokes are built on great footwork! It is essential to become a balanced, agile and rhythmic athlete to develop great strokes. The Performance Plus System will teach you like no other program! You will learn how footwork is so much more than just moving your feet! Our program is fun to learn, as you become a balanced, graceful and skillful athlete on the court!
  3. Stroke Development: Once you have your grips and footwork building, you will move into the stroke development phase of the program. Here you will learn how to professionally develop each phase of the stroke. In this section we present concepts never before presented in any on-line program.
  4. Contact Points: You will learn all of the contact points for every shot where the greatest combination of power and control can be achieved. Not only will you learn where the contact points are, but how to swing correctly to the contact points – again, never before presented in any on-line program.
  5. Stroke Power and Control: You will learn to develop and combine the common principles that generate the power and control on all strokes.

No other program gives you all of this:

  1. Offers progressive development of strokes in this logical order
  2. Uses the same principles to develop all of the shots and strokes in the game
  3. Builds a true foundation of skills that enable you to achieve your full potential
  4. Provides dozens and dozens of unique lessons and information never before heard or seen
  5. Teaches you how to develop truly professional movements and skills
  6. Teaches you how to develop these skills without a court or practice partner

Program Organization:
The program begins with a dynamic warm-up and movement section, which will improve your agility, balance and rhythm, as well as prepare you to practice or play. Within each stroke module, we present and teach you the key principles of that stroke.

Beyond the Foundation: Strokes-to-Shots
Here we will teach you how to use your strokes to develop shots. You will quickly learn how the foundation principles you have developed will allow you to quickly make adaptations and develop a complete repertoire of shots!

With your great foundation of skills and the ability to create many shots, you are now able to implement tactics and strategies to defeat your opponents! Performance Plus will provide you with a wide range of game plans and tactics, from the most simple to clever tactics never before presented on-line.

Performance Plus will equip you with everything you need to achieve your full potential!

  • The best fundamentals and foundational skills
  • Fitness, agility and athletic grace
  • Professional quality strokes
  • A complete repertoire of shots
  • A complete range of strategy, game plans and tactics
  • The correct fundamentals to greatly reduce the chance of injury!

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