This video reviews the theory about how deep knee bends are required to play good ground-strokes in tennis. How much should you bend your knees? Find out here!

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  1. Vlad C
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    Thank you for a clear explanation of the very question that has been going through my head and that the answer is the one I was hoping to hear. Like many players in my age group, my knees are often sore after I play. I think bending contributes to the pain. Basically, I will go into a deeper bend only on low volleys. A couple of questions, do you have any advice for players like myself who seem to not be able to keep the knees from straightening too soon? In other words, although I bend my knees at the beginning of the shot I have the sense that I come up too soon, especially when I try to hit the ball harder. Also, on the serve, can one get away with a minimum knee bend?
    Thanks, Vlad
    Ps I have watched several of your videos and rate all of them very high. Particularly I like the way you get right to the point and manage to cover the areas of interest thoroughly and also quickly.

  2. David
    | Reply

    Is the wrist snap tool still for sale?

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