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My comprehensive Serve Foundation Program has received WORLDWIDE acclaim and the endorsement from top coaches and professionals! Learn all the key fundamentals to develop your serve into a powerful, accurate and beautiful weapon! There is no program like it...

  • 18 detailed video lessons guide you step-by-step to develop a professional quality serve!

  • Course includes a detailed 30 Day Planner and Practice Guide.

  • Includes two detailed video reviews by coach John Craig of your serve. 

  • Each lesson includes practice drills and exercises to properly develop each essential component of the serve.

  • Read the testimonials below...there is no other serve program that delivers the real foundational skills, step by step, to building a professional quality serve! 


"I had one of the best serves in the world when I played on the ATP tour, and I have helped thousands of players on the court and on the internet the last decade. I think I know how to help players transform their serves, but John Craig, aka "The Serve Builder," taught me things that I did not know went comes to serving your best. I loved learning from him and you will too. 

Watch these lessons...they will work for you.

Jeff Salzenstein, Former Top 100 ATP Tour Player, Stanford All-American

and widely regarded as one of the world’s top coaches. 



Professional Set-up and Grip

Learn the set-up and grip details to start your serve like a Pro!

Develop a Professional Ritual

The ritual develops essential skills that you will only learn here.

Learn to Place the Ball Perfectly

Learn the exclusive Performance Plus skills and details to place your toss perfectly.

The Ideal Balance for Power and Control

Learn the ideal balance that every Pro has to achieve power and control.

Develop a Professional Quality Swing

Learn what really creates the racquet drop and a great swing.

The Perfect Contact for Power and Control

Learn the ideal contact point, which is generally misunderstood.

The Key Movement for Power

Learn the key movement that every Pro makes to generate power.

The True Purpose of the Follow-Through

Learn the true value of a Professional follow-though.

Finish with Balance and Style

Learn to finish your serve with balance, style and control!

And So Much More...

  • Dozens of concepts and principles never shown before in any on-line Serve program!

  • Learn the true Foundational Principles that will transform your game!

  • Learn how to develop True Power and Control on the serve. This is information that is generally misunderstood throughout the teaching world.

  • A 30 Day Development Planner to guide you and chart your progress.

  • Includes two personal video reviews by coach John Craig along with guidelines and recommendations to achieve your maximize results from the Foundation Program.

"Its incredible that all of your videos provide cues that I have heard for the first time, and when I saw your first video on tennis player and you mentioned that you would be treating the serve like never before, I thought, ok, let me see what is this all about… and you did it!  Your serve program features all new, original, simple cues to practice, put in a coherent way and now I believe I am on my way to a truly great serve, and I am SO EXCITED!"

"Thank you for providing the best serve course ever! Name any serve course that is offered online and I have it!"   Alexandra - Portugal

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