Jeff Salzenstein

“USPTA Elite Professional and RacquetFit Certified Instructor John Craig is “The Serve Builder”, and rightfully deserves that nickname. His approach to the serve is MASTERFUL in all aspects – he’s … Read More

Charlie – London

“Just spent a couple of hours going through your videos, a really good solid foundation. You’re spot on, and it’s probably the best explanation on the serve that I’ve ever heard.”


“I’ve been playing tennis since I was 5 – I was serious in my youth, recreational from 20 to 35, and serious again from 35 to now (48). I’ve had … Read More

Jim – Seattle

Hi John, Your serve course is superb…maybe better than that. Having now used your course, I can tell you my serve problems are substantially cured, the technique is going beautifully. I think … Read More

Raul – Tennessee

Hi John, I loved the serve program. All videos were insightful . I am sure my serve will improve . Thanks for coming up with this new information . We are going … Read More


I’ve completed the course and seen it a few times because there is so much great material and tried to put it into use. I have to say that left arm coming … Read More

John – Los Angeles

I just completed taking the Performance Plus tennis serve foundation program, and to be truthful I wasn’t expecting much I haven’t heard already. Boy was I ever wrong!! Let me tell you … Read More

Alexandra – Portugal

John, you have found the perfect blueprint to achieve an optimal serve! Congratulations on finding the essential steps to build a sound serve. In my opinion your course is phenomenal and anyone that … Read More