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Performance Plus "Serve Builder Masterclass" Program

Transform Your Serve unlike any other Serve Course!

Serve Builder MasterClass Benefits

  • Course #1: My renowned "Serve Foundation System", endorsed by Pros, Coaches and Players worldwide. 18 highly detailed lessons to build your professional foundation of fundamental skills.
    Value = $2,200

  • Course #2: Serve Advanced Techniques, Skills and Style Course: Learn to find your style, advance your skills and learn high performance techniques. 10 lessons to turn your serve into a weapon! Value = $1,200

  • Plus 6 Bonus Lessons to round-out your serving skills including how to improve your serve at home! Value $500

  • 12 Video Reviews: Unlike other courses and coaches, I won't leave you in the dark to improve on your own! Masterclass includes 12 comprehensive video reviews to guide you through the course material and transform your serve! Value $900

  • 12 Weekly Supplemental Lessons: Weekly "Coaching Lessons" to support all the instruction. I will address common questions and challenges, and provide practical solutions! Value = $900

Course #1: Develop A Great Foundation of Serving Skills!

Professional Set-up and Grip

Learn the set-up and grip details to start your serve like a Pro!

Develop a Professional Ritual

The ritual develops essential skills that you will only learn here.

Learn to Place the Ball Perfectly

Learn the exclusive Performance Plus skills and details to place your toss perfectly.

The Ideal Balance for Power and Control

Learn the ideal balance that every Pro has to achieve power and control.

Develop a Professional Quality Swing

Learn what really creates the racquet drop and a great swing.

The Perfect Contact for Power and Control

Learn the ideal contact point, which is generally misunderstood.

The Key Movement for Power

Learn the key movement that every Pro makes to generate power.

The True Purpose of the Follow-Through

Learn the true value of a Professional follow-though.

Finish with Balance and Style

Learn to finish your serve with balance, style and control!

Course #2: Learn Advanced Techniques: Develop Professional Quality Power, Spin and Placements.

Advanced Grip Adjustments

Learn the subtle, yet significant adjustments you can make to improve your serve performance.

Refine Your Starting Rhythm

There are two ways to begin your serve...learn what method is best for you in this important lesson.

Finding Your Best Stance

Platform or pinpoint? Every player has an ideal stance to develop natural power. You will find yours in this valuable lesson.

Engaging The Legs

Using your legs properly is essential to producing efficient power. Learn how to sync your legs for optimum power, even if you don't jump.

Timing The Leg Drive

Learning to sequence the leg drive will activate your swing and create easy power. Learn how here!

The Slice Serve

The Slice Serve is perhaps the most overlooked and under-rated serve, but it can produce great consistency and power.

The Slice Serve Advantage

Learn how the Slice Serve can add versatility, accuracy and power to your serve repertoire.

The Topspin Serve

Learn the key elements to producing a Topspin serve that will drive your opponents crazy!

Topspin Serve Skill Development

In this lesson I present the drills and skills to make your Topspin Serve a true weapon.

My Serve Courses Are Endorsed By Pros, Coaches and Players Worldwide...


Return of Serve Techniques and Tactics Course

Develop a deadly return game with my Serve Return Techniques and Tactics Course! (Value: 5 Private Lessons = $600)

While the serve is the most important shot, the return of serve is a very close second! You can't win if you can't break serve. In this course, I will teach you all the techniques, tactics and options I used to deflate and defeat my opponents.

Get my most complete, all new, updated Serve Courses, PLUS 12 personalized video reviews and 12 weekly coaching lessons, bonus serve lessons and my Return of Serve Course, all valued at over $5,000 for just $397!

I guarantee you will learn dozens of new ideas, skills & details that you won't find anywhere else...or your money back!

I look forward to working personally with you to start your serve transformation!

Don't wait! Enrollment is limited to just 12 students.