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The Tennis Forehand Grip YOU Should be using!

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Serve Power: Wrist Snap, Pronation, Or?

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Lag and Stroke (not Snap) the Modern Forehand

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Resiliency is the Key!

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Selecting a Tennis Coach – A big decision!

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  1. charles owens
    | Reply

    I saw a brief snapshot of your new serve program. I did not get a sense that this program offers my two primary serve concerns: the ball release point ( I am well aware of the “release at eye level” suggestion but not able to consistently execute this release point). My other concern is serving accuracy. Not setting up cones and attempting to hit them. Rather, I wish to see( or an explanation) the racquet angle at contact with the three types of serve (flat, kick, slice) as well to the three areas of the court (wide, body , tee) all the while with pronation in mind.

  2. Jerry King
    | Reply

    Hi John. I use to see you at the Don Henson meetings. I enjoy your excellent videos.

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